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Banhammerftw's Staff application

Should i be staff

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Total Votes : 3

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1 Banhammerftw's Staff application on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:36 pm


Banhammerftw you can call me drake if you want for short Very Happy
this is my staff application i hope you like it.this application
might be short so please enjoy my short application.

my favorite xbox games are
left 4 dead 1 and 2
gta 4
saints row 2
favorite color is red and black
Im so emo... lol
computer:windows 7
i would want to host but i can't
the reason why is because i can't call epic
Im sorry epic i just can't call you
some times i pick up the phone and half way type your number
but i just can't do it im afraid Idk why.. lol
i have to do something to use the 317 servers is i have to make it run on
program (x86)


I'm applying for helping people: i be staff because its like a job but you get paid with thanks Very Happy

Combat-level:-- I don't remember the server is offline :"(

How-long have i been on server: 3 and a half of a week

How can i help This server: Awnser peoples questions
example:Whats the easiest way to get Tokull? probably killing stuff such as Rats.

dedicated: i will feel great being a staff member when i help people it makes me feel great

Very Happy Other ways of helping?Very Happy Other ways of helping?

i will tell where things are and etc |

i will give a little tiny guide for people on how to get money |

I will tell people where is the shops |

And etc

i love this server i like the customs and i like the shops its really nice, Thank you for making this awesome server and i hope you keep this server up.
let me tell you what happened along time ago.
when i was looking for staff on servers i found a server i joined it i was the first one on there i got co owner so then i was walking around the map i was pking and stuff like that it was 317 so one day my bro came in my room and typed something it was lagging it he type ::Resetserver so i canceled server and ruined everything for me so ever sense. so i stopped playing servers ever sense so im looking for servers with staff now so i found this server so i joined and now you can change my history from long time ago that will change lots of things so please can you make a change that will really cheer me up.

BanhammerFtw Very Happy

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2 you could make it better on Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:44 pm

you need to put more detail into your app because epic needs to know his staff before he can make you a member of the staff.

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3 Re: Banhammerftw's Staff application on Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:25 am

the apps nice very good job. but yea more details about yourself. good to have you runing for mod goodluck king king king king

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